Monday, March 05, 2012

Ayah's 29th Birthday - Part 1

Last weekend was among my most expensive period in life as I sponsored Uncle Din around 90% during our outing on both days. It was his 29th birthday so he has the liberty to almost order anything and choose his own birthday present. Apa saja asalkan suami ku happy~
Initially we intended to celebrate the day on Saturday but he has keep saying “takde feel laaa sambut arini….birthday esok tau…”. My reasons were simple; penat ari Sabtu, rehat ari Ahad. Lagipon plan nak kemas umah ari Ahad. Tapi takpe….. Birthday boy always has this so called immunity to request almost anything. Layan kan saja.
Saturday 03/03/2012
We went to One Utama and dine at New York New York. It was recommended by Zamie with a reminder on the menu’s price. Thankfully the restaurant was baby friendly so we had a nice space with great ambience. Piya sat in the highchair but she was very loud. She was not throwing tantrum, she was overjoyed with the whole environment. Like any other mothers, the dad would seat quietly pretending to be occupied so the mother would be one attending the baby. w/pon kena tunduk byk kali kutip sume bende yg baby jatuhkan.
With his new toy

His: spaghetti bolognaise + 1/2 bird

Mine: Fish & Chips (my favourite)
Camwhore otw home

Then we tried to hunt for Ayah’s birthday present but to no avail. Journey to be continued on Sunday.

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