Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Piya: 5 months & conjunctivitis

Yippiyaya is 5 months already! Cepatnyer masa berlalu… ramai kengkawan tgh tunggu masa jerk at ofis nih.. bila tengok diorg, rindu masa Piya masih dalam perut.. I really miss those days when she was kicking with excitement whenever I am listening to the music, television, talking to her or even rubbing my belly…
Alhamdulillah sepanjang 5 bulan membesarkan Piya, Piya tak penah demam, tak penah selsema dan tak penah batuk.. aku pon dh tak pump susu dh skrg… last day aku pump susu was on October 25, 2011 and masa tuh Piya dh genap 5 bulan.. nak wat camner, Piya takmo latch so susu jadi kering.. aku aim nak express milk sampai 6 months… I really did tried very hard.. tapi Allah Lebih Mengetahui… sampai 5 bulan jer rezeki Piya.. takpe, syukur Alhamdulillah…
Dalam minggu yg sama aku stop express milk, suddenly Piya kena conjunctivitis…  sib baik tak teruk… this is her very first illness so aku tak senang duduk, tido tak lena, makan pon tak lalu…. it began on Thursday morning. I was getting ready for work as usual as many other days.. usually I will get myself ready and Piya will be the last thing that I will attend. So when I picked her up from bed and placed her inside her baby carrier, I really had the shock of my life.. Out of no where her eyes were fully covered with yellow hardened discharged.. Aduuuuh… I still send her off to the babysitter though.. but believe me I was never at peace while I was at work. Thankfully I attended a training on the same day and more often than not, Proton’s training usually ends by 5.00 pm.. So I got the chance to fetch her early and without procrastinating any minute, Uncle Din and I took her to the clinic. The doctor prescribed 2 medicines for her: an eyedrop and a cream.
I had to take an EL on Friday October 28, 2011. The doctor refused to give an MC padahal boleh jer bagi aku MC… ubat2 Klnik Alam Medic mmg bagus.. after applying the cream to her eye lids that night, she woke up looking fresher and clean from any hard discharge. i was on leave for 2 days. She was fully recovered on Monday so I decided to stay home. Piya had this illness for 4 days in a row… tapi tak teruk pon.. just tend to be watery once a while and discharge now and then.
The root of the cause? Just some dust that was around the atmosphere… morale of the story: keep your environment clean and always clean the baby’s sleeping gadgets..


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  1. Piya dah lain kan? pipi dia dah mengurus... huhu