Tuesday, November 01, 2011

MFM offer - out for dine on a special occassion

Do you recall the post where i bought 3 coupon vouchers to dine-in at Manhattan's Fish Market? well, prior to collecting my new car, i treated my family using those coupons. in fact, that was the intended plan all along.


  1. Thankfully the coupon vouchers werent faux and acknowledged by MFM Subang Jaya. i was worried for the thought of purchasing something bogus.
  2. The service was ok laaa..Suddenly out of the blue MFM Subang Jaya outlet employed a bunch of foreigners as waiters.. adddduuuuh...why laaa...i really despite well-known restaurants hiring foreigners who are mediocre in English.. we ask for 2 warm waters and it never came. then i called the Malay waiter to request the plain waters again...this approach leaves negative impact on your image branding laa.
  3. The foods met my expectation. it was really mouth watering and worth my money. the serving was humongous! one serving is actually ample for 3 adults. and btw, you tend to get bored or muak eating too much of the deep fried shrimp fritter........
  4. The drinks were very sweet while the soups were not tasty.. i thought they were serving seafood chowder instead it was pumpkin chowder....aaaaargh... not worth it...
Having said all that, we had so much fun as it has been a while since everyone is around the table.

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