Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to work

Back at work..
Today is my 1st day back to work. I am also fasting as I missed 10 days last year due to nausea. I am left with another day and I’ll be done. I did intended to update this blog during my maternity leave which was only 60 days but I chose to spend time with my darling princess instead. There are a lot of stories to share but I wont bore my readers (as if I do have any readers) and will summarize everything into short stories.
I experienced my confinement in 2 different places. One was with my mum in Shah Alam while the other one was in Kelantan at hubby’s hometown. Here in Klang Valley, people no longer adhere and abide by the confinement taboos. They believe everything can be consumed as long as it is not cold and will cause itchiness to the stitches. On the other hand people in the rural areas like Kelantan, still hold on strongly to the do’s and don’t’s of confinement. Both places gave me different perspective on how to take care of myself during this period. I do prefer to follow the confinement’s restrictions such as eating grilled food only (it may be fish, beef or chicken), avoid oily food, avoid food that contains egg and drink warm water only. But I just can’t stand it when I was forbidden to consume any vegetables and soups. As a result, I experienced frequent constipation and hydration. Having the same menu 2x a day and everyday does stresses you out. And be mindful that stress is breastfeeding worst enemy. Besides feeling stress due to food options, it took me 3 weeks to heal and be able to walk back as normal. It was my fault too. I have always been active and diligent around the house so I really hated it to just sit or lie down and do nothing. Worst of all, I have some trusting issues with my husband so I tend to do things by myself. This bad behavior of mine causes my stitches great friction and it was very painful. Upon my departure to Kelantan, I was on the wheelchair at both airports and walked very slowly.
Hmm..during the antenatal class, the doctor said that BF is the power of the mind. You have to be +ve and optimist at all times. If you are stress while pumping, you will not be able to pump a lot of milk. I truly regretted for not browsing through susuibu.com during my pregnancy and study about BM. Initially I did introduce my nipple to my baby on the very first day but was depressed that no milk was produced yet until my breast started to engorge. On the 3rd, DEMC Homecare came over and visited. I confine in her that I don’t have any milk yet and she squeezed my nipple until a few drops of milk came out. That was the beginning of my milk production. In the meantime, my baby was fed with FM and that really devastated me.
While I was in Kelantan I did some research in susuibu.com. Apparently, it is normal that milk production was not produced on the 1st day but you must introduce your nipple to the baby for stimulation. When the baby latch, it will stimulate the milk and creates holes for the milk to come out. I gave up too soon and allowed my baby to drink FM. I really felt like a terrible mother and cried for days. Thank goodness to my supporting friends; Golek, Kak Pah and Hamizah. They supported and encourage me not to give up and keep trying. As of today, my baby will only latch if I am wearing a nipple shield. And I manage to pump 2-3-4 oz every 3-4 hours depending on my state of mind. Either way, I am very grateful as at least my baby still has the opportunity to drink BM. Another note in susuibu.com: NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHER MOTHERS. ALLAH SWT HAS DIFFERENT PLANS AND SUSTENANCE FOR EVERY MOTHER.   
Durra Elfieya Binti Aizuddin (Piya)
My dear princess is 2 months old now. She is such a dear especially when she sleeps. Aku rasa sume ibu akan rasa benda yg sama. Bila resah and gelisah, kita tatap wajah anak kita. Lucunye Piya nih everytime and I mean everytime, die suka tongkat pipi or dagu. Sambil tido, bila didukung, bila menyusu or even tgk tv. Tgn die akan tongkat pipi or dagu. So cute. Piya nih semangat skit sbb die minum FM+BM. Takpelah, asalkan Piya sehat. Tuh yg penting. Sehat dan tak lapar. Masa awal2 dulu die akan jaga mlm every 2 hours. Now dh kurang. Jaga sekali around 3am and another time waktu subuh.
Arini kat ofis teringat sgt kat die. aku siap tukar desktop background letak gambar die.

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