Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Doing good deeds

It is inexplicable on why does the heart and mind whither to such direction. Perhaps it is an indication of a dire need of change; for better of course. 

Expanding on that, my thoughts to ponder for today is quite simple and realistic; would you agree that random act of kindness leaves a lasting imprint in the hearts of those on the receiving ends? Well, they do. Always be kind to others even if the notion is not agreeable by your vicinity. The reason I’m saying this is because I know for a fact that some people prefer to grasp on the past and hold on to grudge. They say “Life is tough. Only the strong will survive.” Well, I on the other hand would say “Life IS tough. But Allah is Great.” My ethos is simple; the reward comes from Allah and He will decide when and where you will receive good deeds in return. Not the people. People will never stop judging you but their judgment shouldn't bother you because you should be concerning on what Allah thinks of you. So, just continue being nice to others. 

Being nice also brings the meaning of appreciating yourself. Love yourself before others can love you. When you love yourself and opt to be nice, it wouldn’t be long until others would notice and take notes. Be nice not to be lauded but driven by genuine sincerity. Be nice so that you would be made an exemplar for others to follow suit because when everyone is nice, the world would be nicer even if life remains tough.

It took me culmination of years to embrace the notion. You know; of being nice. My childhood and adolescent years were unkind to me. I can relate to those who were pushed around for being unprivileged, ugly, dark complexion, Indian features, scruffy and boyish. You have no idea (or perhaps you do) living in a vicinity of privileged people and being unloved even by your family. But Alhamdulillah I turned to be alright. Kata orang-orang tua jadi orang laaa jugak… Perhaps it is due to all those deprivation, I became more appreciative and sensitive to those within my radius. Eventually, I’ve learn that kindness will return to you but in different form and by different people. 

Just believe in Him.        


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