Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weddings & Sushi

Saturday : Feb 23, 2013

One of my cousins hits the aisle and it is about time. They’re actually distant cousins so normally we would gather at Mak Tok Puteh’s house during Eid. The last time I met them was back in 2011 whereby I was still breastfeeding and Piya was very small. The reception took place at Intekma Resort Sec.6 Shah Alam. Intekma holds a special place in my heart as I did my very 1st job in life working as a part-time waitress here. My very 1st job! I was 18 years old when a senior asked whether I would be interested. And surprisingly, I remained interested for the next 3 years too. Coming back to Intekma always made me reminisce good old memories. 

My Iranian headscarf; gift from my boss!
As we had to attend another wedding, Uncle Din keep reminding me not to prolong our stay and meet the necessary people only. What..?? Well……….. Apparently he knows me very well. I can hold a conversation with a stranger for hours. Throw me anywhere and I can easily make friends. I’m a chatterbox… When my mood is ok of course..  I just feel that there are so many things in life in this vicinity are calling for attention that’s all. That’s not bad right? *hands up anyone? *cricket sounds……

So reluctantly I oblige to Uncle Din’s advice whereby I meet and greet ‘certain’ cousins only. And I do mean certain ok…. I wasn’t bothered at all to greet Lah VE as he is very snobbish. But I did say Hye to his wife; Kak Yas. She’s a keeper. The best part of attending this wedding was meeting my great grandma; Mak Tok Puteh. She is sooooo Puteh (fair skin) that it is actually blinding me.  She is actually the elderly sister to my REAL late grandmother and they come from different mothers but shared the same father. Well, my great ancestor is truly a travelling man. Pak Lah Badawi comes from another wife so that makes this travelling man splitting his time and duty to 3 wives….. How did he do it..? Mak Tok Puteh is soooo kind, sweet and charming. It always brings tears to the rims of my eye when I meet her. She looks so much like my Mak Tok and I was very close to my grandma. Mak Tok Puteh’s always says this to us “Tok tak laghat nak jalan, tok sakit lutuuut…”.

Then we move on to the 2nd wedding. Now, this sort of incident never happened to me. The bride was already gone upon our arrival becauuuuuse……. She had a migraine while seated on her dais. What….?? Please let Din be fine.. Please let Din be fine…  Thankfully there was one familiar face though; Kak Zaza who is the bride’s closest cousin. She accompanied us and eventually told us the news as I said that we needed to go the nearest mosque for Zuhur. Funny betol la… Took some pictures as prove of our presence and we headed for the nearest mosque; Masjid At-Taqwa TTDi….

Fifie Azmi has been a dear friend of mine as she was my roommate while I was studying Computer Science CS 110 in UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak. Yeap, I took Computer Science prior to become an engineer. I missed her solemnization but I got the pics from mutual friends. She is an interior designer hence most of the dais and deco whatnot where done by herself. Guess that explains the migraine huh.

Haaaaaaaaaa….. Another memory down the lane. This was the mosque where Uncle Din and I attended our Marriage Course in 2010. My brother and his ex-fiancé joined us attending the course but they didn’t make it. His former fiancée was a stupid rich girl who left my brother for a Pakistani dude, then got engaged to someone else and now is telling my brother “I wanna be friends” story sobbing over how her current fiancé is not as nice as my brother…. And my idiot brother is buying it… Whaaaat…? 
Piya was so disturbed with the mess so she chose to declutter the cupboard.
After performing our prayers for Zuhur and Asar (and nappy change for Piya), we must head off to One Utama for no reasons. And Alhamdulillah we found a nice parking spot right after we passed the ticket counter. We had no cash in hand and both of us were so lazy to find an atm machine so just whither in no direction until we became hungry.

"What does he want from me?" Poor Piya...
I wanted to eat sushi so bad that we just tried out our luck and see if Piya could behave well over the conveying belt.Lately she has been detesting the baby chair notion and prefers to sit either on my lap or by my side.

Thank God for Samsung Tab and Toy Story! Piya was / is / will be engrossed with her cartoon and that has been our best trick to have a peaceful meal.Notice how much I love sushi? So not ladylike..

And that was I how I spent my Saturday with my small family. Tomorrow is another occasion mark in the calendar.

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