Thursday, February 28, 2013

My 1st Chap Go Meh

Sunday : Feb 24, 2013

Baba has booked us to support this event whereby he has bought 1 table for the entire family including my brothers. Apparently, the said event is actually to support a charity cause for the visual disability people. And guess what? It is actually organized by a Chinese friend in conjunction with Chap Go Meh. The Chinese family is the sole owner of Restoran Muhibbah and they are known to be humble and down to earth. Their daughter married a Malay guy and she is currently carrying. Interestingly though, Mama told me that during the daughter’s wedding, the mom wore a saree (seriously… out of nowhere kan?).. This is totally a 1 Malaysia family kan? 

So back to the event, I was so moved that this rich Chinese family organized such a thoughtful occasion under the radar. I mean like; c’mon. They are filthy rich with owning other types of business too and yet they put together a charity event w/o any media coverage. You see, I am familiar with the Chinese way as I’ve worked with them prior to joining Proton. One of the good things that I noticed about them is that they focus on the main agenda of the whole event and it spelled CHARITY. Unlike charity events I attended or read about organized by Malays, it is usually so loraaat with this Dato’ giving speech, that Datin nak posing potong ribbon, too many speeches and the spotlight is no longer on the disable people. I was so skeptical prior to attend this function as the thought is already deep rooted within me. I’m glad I oblige to my dad’s wishes to attend this charity as I learned a lot! 

So everyone in the family managed to join Baba and boy was he happy! Zeffi and Kak Lina came in a bit late as they have a baby now so double the hustle. Upon our arrival, the table was served with Yee Sang. This was my 1st Yee Sang though. I’ve seen how the Chinese done the chop-stick tossing thing so I think this is piece of cake. I scrutinize the ingredients and combination for the fear of non-halal essence. Apparently, the Yee Sang is only a concoction of preserved fruits, nuts, sesames, crackers, thin shred veggies, raw salmon and honey. We did the Yee Sang tossing and turning and it was so much fun! Surprisingly, it tasted so good! The concoction just hit the correct taste bud and I just couldn’t help myself hunting for the salmons. Memang sodaaaaap…

The Yee Sang

Once the Yee Sang was done, food was served promptly with where mostly was seafood. Zamie couldn’t have much because he has Gout so that means more food for meeeee! Yes! There was this one particular dish that I thought was harmless. Uncle Din did warn me that it has belacan but I said “No laaaa… Sambal udang takde belacan..” and I happily ate the sambal udang with stress free. 

Kak Lina stayed in the surau as baby Luth’s was sleepy so Kak Lina and Lea were stting alone by themselves in the surau while Luth was breastfeeding and eventually fell asleep. Mama and I and Piya of course joined them and swapped duties to allow Kak Lina to have some food. It is sooooo much fun gazing at baby Luth. I just can’t put my finger on it; who does he resemble to? He definitely doesn’t look like the mommy and I don’t think he has Zeffi’s look too. Mama simply said “He has his own face. Some babies are like that.”

I did mention about the sambal udang right? Well, Uncle Din was right after all. The sambal udang did have belacan and subsequently, I have red cherries on my face. I’m allergic to belacan… Ciss….. Thank God I have BBplus Collagen….. All my acne scars are gone ever since I started BBplus so this is just another pimple………I hope....

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