Friday, January 04, 2013

Piya starts Playschool

While most people were very excited wishing everyone ‘Happy New Year’, I on the other hand wasn’t bothered at all. As a matter of fact, I was filled with apprehension and was mostly feeling so fidget because I had new plans for Piya.

I’ve been sending Piya off to her babysitter Cik D since she was 2 months old and on Dec 23, 2012 marks her 1y7m of age. I have been contemplating on this option for quite some time as we notice that Piya is a strong independent girl, great aptitude and social skills (all parents talk greatly about their children… get over it…….).. When I broach on this topic to Ayah, Ayah instantly agreed because from his point of view, it is about time to instill some discipline in Piya. In fact, he said that he had thought of this option when Piya was 1yr old but he gave in because I wasn’t ready for it. 

The option mentioned here is none other than sending Piya off to PLAYSCHOOL…….. My greatest fear….. 

Taska Darul Ilmi @ Subang Permai U6
Call me paranoid if you may but my greatest fear of exposing her to a playschool is the thought of releasing her to a pool of kids who have little knowledge of tolerance, kindness and grace. I’m not saying that kids at playschool are like that but all kids her age are like that. The difference is that there are only 6 kids under the babysitter’s tutelage whilst there are 30 kids in this particular playschool. At least I could still scold the 6 kids if they did something wrong and inculcate other virtues to them. But I am at total lost if I release her to a playschool. Oh my…….. I’m already feeling nauseated while writing this.. (and it’s not what you think……..)..

The plan is to start sending Piya on Jan 2, 2013 which I think is a good start for 2013 but I wasn’t given ample time to put in some thoughts. I called the playschool on Dec 26, 2013 (Wednesday) and apparently they don’t accept any reservations……………………….. It is a walk-in registration and I thought the term walk-in only complies with walk-in interviews…….. So I set an appointment to meet the principal right after work and I was given several minutes to decide. I keep asking myself “Am I doing the right thing……? This is soooo fast but the playschool is very convenient in many ways……. Will Piya be ready for this…….? Ya Allah……. I feel like crying……..”   and I did register Piya after all because Mak Tok was like a terrible tune on the radio pushing me to fill-in the form… Later that night, I confide in my good mom-best-friend; Mama Aniq….. I cried while texting her and seek some solace….. Subsequently I informed the baby sitter with great desolate…… So emotional……

Prior to send her to the playschool, I had a looooooooong chat with the principal. Her name is Cikgu Watie. She was so kind and considerate to invite me for a discussion on New Year as she noticed my palpable trepidation. So it was like a thorough interrogation whereby I voiced out all of my concerns and Cikgu Watie just smirked as she thinks I’m being really paranoid. She assured me that everything will be fine and there’s nothing much to worry. But of course I was still in great anxiety; who wouldn’t? I was so restless that I even took a leave for her registration day because I really want to make sure my little girl will be fine. 

So the 1st day of playschool has finally arrived. Ya Allah………… I was so nervous….. I bathe and dressed Piya in a new pair of shoes and a polo shirt-skirt to embark her 1st day…. “Hope my baby will be fine.. Please protect her Ya Allah..”.. It became a mantra in my head…. Mom’s greatest fear…… 

And guess what happened?

Mama: Piyaaaa…. Mama nak balik nih.. Salam…?
Piya: Shalaaaam..
Mama: Ait? Sayang Mama cepat..
Piya: Mmmmmuaaaah… (on my cheeks)
Mama: Ait? Mama nak balik nih……?
Piya: Byeeeeeeee… (Smiling and IGNORING me) and she went off to plaaaaaaay... omg....

And there you gooooo……….. Piya was FINE but I on the other hand was crying not because of the paranoid-ism anymore but for the 1st time I felt that she doesn’t need me……… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. I called Ayah and of course he was so bored listening to my whining “Piya tak sayang I sayang……… sampai2 kat taska, die senyum... Nampak playground and terus gi main… tak layan i………. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and he cut the conversation short saying he has plenty of work…… Damn……

I didn’t set any appointments that day as I waited anxiously for Piya at home. I couldn’t sleep, I lost my appetite and my head was pounding really hard. I fetch Piya at 5.30 pm sharp and this was her state:

tired baby
The teacher told me that she played a lot and wasn’t bothered to take an afternoon nap. Piya didn’t cried, had good appetite and blend well with the rest……. In fact, she went around and squeeeeezed other people's cheek just for fun.... “Whaaaaat? Mama yang lebih2 ke????..... *maluuuuuuu…” Ayah treated us dinner at Big Plate to calm me down and it did help.... I felt more serene and glad.....

Kids Fish & Chips @ RM15.00++
Chicken Cheese @ RM20.00++
My little girl is so grown up now….. This should be a good hint to Ayah to multiply… hmmmmmmm…


  1. hahahhahaa kelakarnya kak!!! chill kak... she will be fine! dia sendiri tak sabar nak main & ignore her mom. chill k! biar ALLAH yang jaga dia. biasa la feelng yg akak rasa skrg ni, normal utk seorang ibu. I wish Piya the best!

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