Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zoo Negara with Family Kelantan

Last weekend my in-laws were in town as my SIL Kak Ani just had her graduation day at PWTC. Usually when my PIL are here, we would crash at Uncle Din’s sister at Sepang. So you can imagine how chaotic was the vicinity with the children running around practicing their vocal cords and stretching their quadriceps muscles. Little Piya joined the crowd too; and her pitch was the highest due to excitement! It was so annoying but this keeps them happy so I just shut one eye. At least I had some me-time to play with my Angry Bird and whatsapp with friends. 

Prior to heading to Sepang, I did broach the topic of taking Piya to Zoo Negara and I remember saying that it would be more fun if the kids (yeap, Kak Ani’s children) to join us. So last weekend was a perfect timing to make that happen and Alhamdulillah everyone agreed to my notion. The best part was the children were very happy when they heard the news. One of my nephews even said “Yess! I have always wanted to go there and I’ve waited so long!”.. Yeah kids… Wait until you see the tickets.. 

We detoured to Putrajaya's Lake around Pullman Hotel to snap some shots. Memang cantik laaa tempat nih... Next time laa kot... This time nak gi Zoo Negara!

Eventually we made it to the Zoo Negara on a beautiful Sunday around afternoon. My goodness; the weather was so great! It was like as if the clouds were having second thought; to rain or not to rain? It didn’t rain though but it was cloudy which is good because I forgot to bring my sun block. Any girl with a sound mind detests the caprice to walk a few kilometers under the heat right? Konon akan hitam laaa… Pening laaa… Puteri Lilin… Like me! hehehe…

Nampak excited kan? Tapi sape paling excited tau?

Once we passed the entrance bar, an overflowing excitement ensued to begin our tour. I never knew that going to the zoo was so much fun! I felt like a kid again blithely taking picture of the animals and even tried to ‘talk’ with them until my niece said “Cik Su… bukan mcm tuh laaa nak ckp dengan kuda.. kena mcm nih heee-hwooo”. Funny… I was even more enthused that I don’t have to bother to push Piya’s stroller as Maa voluntarily offered. With that, I had the liberty to camwhore as much as I please. Weeeeeeeeee….

Can you believe it that Uncle Din snapshot my rear? He says it's big and I needed to see it... Sabor jer laaa...Ok laaa... Some shots of the animal kingdom.


It was irrefutably a great outdoor activity with Uncle Din’s family. Who would knew I could bond with the in-laws so well. Almost all... (-_-) We departed around 3pm with a sweet after-taste and I felt so happy following the event. And of course Uncle Din was very glad that I had a great time with his family.
So if you are wondering what sort of activity that you can expose your children to, I would reckon that the zoo is a great spot for bonding especially if you like being close to nature. 

But the best part of this whole sweat-shedding activity is this.......

Baby pengsan kepenatan.... Which also means Mama has plenty of rest time to rest at home.. Yesss!

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