Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Shopping Therapy

Assalamualaikum & good day,

My upbringing was never fill with fairy dust and butterflies whereby being the only girl means you are entitle to many things especially attention, shopping and money. Nope. My upbringing was filled with money deprivation and not to mention being material deprived too. How much I wish that one day I could have all the money in the world and just shop with stress-free. Now that would be amazing right?

My shopping regime was rather sad back in those days. I can still remember my favorite spot would be Sunway Piramid because I could buy a lot of RM10 singlet as an inner wear and would flaunt them with an ugly cardigan. My attire was never more than RM50. Besides, would you believe it if I say that Baba would only give me RM50 to pay the taxi, movie, food, train and even for shopping? I never had more than RM200 in my wallet. I was always sad due to peer pressure which eventually made me become a low self-esteem person. Those were the days.

Alhamdulillah life has turned to a new leaf since I joined ATM 181. I made the right choice to join the Elegant Club under ATM 181. Not only I am capable of generating my own income w/o relying much on my pay, I finally got the chance to taste the sweetness of shopping! So recently Vincci / PAdini offered a 70% sale for 3 days only. Yeah, yeah… it was only a Vincci / Padini sale but a sale is still a sale right? Besides, like I said, I NEVER had the chance to do any shopping prior to joining ATM 181. Money has always been a big issue to me. Plus, I would never spend RM100 for a pair of stiletto.

Look at the beautiful sea of shoes..... The smell of sale... Amazing..

So this was my catch that day... Wow... Uncle Din was a bit startled with it but I've assured him that my financial is much stable to afford these.  Uncle Din asked me this while I was sober (before I turned into a maniac shopaholic) “nih nak beli-beli bende nih ader duit ke nih?” And of course my answer was “Adeeee… xpe laaa… *wink wink..” For the 1st TIME in my life, I pick and bought everything that I found fascinating w/o worrying over the total cost. Wow…. That really felt good..

 *Menggedik kejap

Am I sharing this story to tell everyone that I have a lot of money in my pocket? NO. Am I sharing this to tell me people that a shopping spree is a small matter as I have money now? NO.


I understand the meaning of living life under constraint budget BUT I have also being made known that you can shape your future. Shopping is just one of the essentials when you have money. There are bigger things in life that you can actually invest and control when you have money such as buying properties, settling debts, giving comforts to your parents and lastly prepare a piggy bank for your children.

Commitment will always be there and continue to accumulate as we carry bigger roles. Why must you wait for a bigger pay subject to your KPI when you can have a bonus of RMxxxx every month? The Elegant Club’s project has a lot to offer to live your dream.

Choose to change for a better living. Choose The Elegant Club.
Yours truly,

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