Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Hilangkan Parut Jerawat

Assalamualaikum & good day,

Thank you everyone for the lovely wishes.
 I will post an entry in regard with my birthday getaway soon. 
But for now, a simple thank you note will do. 

And allow me to share something with you yea. For many years people have known me for having a problem skin. Skin care yang biasa2 kat kedai tuh tak ngam dengan kulit I.. I pakai takde kesan pon.. Penah pakai Fair & Lovely 3 tahun tapi tak fair pon... Tak lovely pon... Bukan sebab product tak bagus tapi sebab tak serasi... So trust me, my skin is very dry and byk parut2. Dah laa gelap... Selalu rasa diri ini mcm rempeyek...
I dah minum BBplus collagen sebulan tau. So daripada I share with you testimony org lain, baik I share my own testimonial. These are what I notice upon drinking BBplus Collagen:

Kulit makin cerah & licin
Parut2 jerawat dah berkurang
Lubang2 jerawat area hidung tuh pon dah berkurang
Kulit rasa lebih tegang and anjal 
Rasa lebih confident bila muka kita cantik

I'm not saying that I am a beautiful person; it was a figure of speech. But u know what I mean right?

So, sape2 yang kulit die kusam, kering, byk parut2 tuh, I highly recommend u to try BBplus Collagen. Believe me, it is worth it to invest in beauty as husbands adore wives who care. Kalu u bujang lagi, lagi bagus.... Lagi ramai akan syioooooook kat u nak jadikan isteri gitew..
AFTER 1.5 months
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  1. Hepy Besday Dora....All the best for ur future undertaking...Wish for ur happiness ever after... :)