Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 Open Houses & An Aqiqah

Waaaaaaaaaahhhh.. How time flies… Out of no where I have been so busy for the entire week that I was neither able to update this blog nor my FB page.. Well, just some trail of thoughts to be shared on last weekend's activity.

This year’s Eid has been totally surreal and profound for me. Alhamdulillah for the 1st time in my life I get to spend a bit on myself as an attempt to doll up (thanx to my PB biz) and every weekend was packed with invitations.  Thank God I have been wearing PB at all time to hinder any enlargement.. But then again, I did cheated on some points though by sparing the corset because the foods tasted sooooo good so I just had to binged more.. People won't be cooking these meals after Raya ok...

So during the very last weekend concluding Eid, we had 4 invitations on Saturday and a bunch of cousins came on Sunday. This may be norm to others but it is actual unusual for us because more often than not, I won’t attend several occasion in a day for the sake of Piya. She’ll be too exhausted and I fear she might end up with a temperature just because mommy wants to beraya. Furthermore, usually other people would act cool upon receiving guests but I on the other hand, had to do spring cleaning around the house. I have 9 cats with old folks at home. Who is there to help me for house keeping? Penat penaaaaat...

The 1st occasion that I truly felt compelled to attend was none other than my childhood buddy Elina’s function in Shah Alam. She held an aqiqah for her baby Sophea who has grown sooo much! The last time I met them was during Elina’s confinement mode and Sophea was so small. The occasion took place at Surau Sec. 11 where we used to live side by side. 

Congratulations Dikna & Syazwan on the beautiful ceremony.

Later, we fetch Aniq & Mama Aniq prior to heading Zameer’s house. Mama Zameer also held her open house that day  and we had a blast! Dengan selamber badaknyer kitorg meminta izin Naa untuk menjadikan bilik solat di bawah sebagai nursery. It was simply because the kids wanted to play with Zameer’s toys and it would be much easier for us to observe them. Besides having the best spot in the house, we truly enjoyed the repertoire of food as Naa (and her mother of course) are really good cooks! Mizah and I (or was it I alone) iterate the foods more than twice. Naa memang pandai masak tapi maintain kuruuuuuuuuuus jer… Nyampaaaaah tau..

We were out of energy when we reached the 3rd and 4th house. The final house was Uncle Din’s high school friend so the atmosphere was filled with Kelantanese vocab. I couldn’t bother anymore as I was so tired. Piya slept through the visits and we headed home like a weak energizer bunny.

I’m gonna miss Hari Raya… InsyaAllah dapat bertemu Ramadhan & Syawal sekali lagi di tahun hadapan yea. 


  1. canteknyer buaian die...berkenan plak..hehe

  2. best2... cntik2 semuanya.. :)

  3. haha...for the last saturday's occasion, most of the meals are my mom's air tangan la Dora..I xreti nk masak mee kari and laksa penang yet...but willing to try cook them myself 1 day...huhuu..

    Thanks for coming...I do have no time to capture any moment of that day...so, kenangan hari tersebut hanya terpatri kat gmbr dlm entry ni je la...huhuu...

  4. Nory : Cantik kan? die buat sendiri jer tuh..

    Allene : Memang sangat cantik kan pelamin anak die? simple jer

    Naa : Sedap2 Naaaaa!!!! Especially naa punyer macaronni... sedaaaaaaap! dan memang best laaa dtg umah Naa... Lepak 2 jam tuh...

    1. Haha...bukan macaroni la aritu... Creamy Chicken Chess Pasta... ada kat entry nih resepinya : http://nalurimurni.blogspot.com/2012/05/creamy-chicken-cheese-pasta.html

      Tapi tuk majlis aritu Na gantikan Susu dgn air panas lbh kurang setengah cawan...blh cuba nnt yer...