Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tak Nak Cellulite

Assalam and good day,

A customer asked me whether is it true that Premium Beautiful can reduce cellulite? She has a lot of that due to post-labour and she said it is horrible. I responded with a yes and explained that all women have this once you hit puberty and more often than not it remains as our closest companion until the rest of our life. Things are worsen once you are married and gave birth to several kids.

Cellulite is totally uncompromising. As we grow older more surface area are prone to be rippled and bumpy.  But fret not ladies; you are not alone here because even celebs have cellulite. They pass their credits to Adobe Photoshop or whatnot to make them possess a butter smooth skin though.

Even Kim has it ok
 You cannot loose cellulite but you can reduce them by practicing correct diet and exercise. Starving is a big no no and it shall make cellulite worsen. If you are avid in practicing the right diet and exercise, then you don’t have to worry much. But the big question is; ARE YOU?

Most of Premium Beautiful consumer would concur on one thought; the corset can reduce the existence of cellulite. The reason being is excessive fats are drawn together at the right spot which is your rear asset. You will feel that sense of stretchy-ness around your thigh and your butt uplifted while wearing the girdle. In the beginning you might have to bear wearing it tightly because the fat is scattered all over the thigh and this may cause discomfort. The solution is simple; keep wearing the girdle until you can slip into the girdle without much effort. Synonymously you will notice that cellulite around your thigh has become lesser and the skin looks more tighten.

Improved rear view
 Do you still want to make your cellulite visible or perhaps hide it as much as you can? Do you want to surprise your husband-to-be with your cellulite or impress him with smoother thigh? Or you reckon to keep the cellulite because you’re married and your husband doesn’t mind? Cellulite is not appealing ladies.

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