Monday, July 30, 2012

Anak jatuh motor, Mak dtg dr Kelantan

It has been a very looooooooooong weekend for me. Very long one…..

Actually Uncle Din had a fall from his motorcycle while returning home from work on Tuesday 24th July 2012. A car passed right in front of him from the left (impromptu) and he fell due to avoiding that car. It was an emergency break and he fell forward. The motorcycle bump on his right ankle and he was immobile at that point of time. The car did stop but did not come to his aid. Uncle Din was lying on the ground and struggled to move as his right foot was in an excruciating pain. 

So what happen to that car? Apparently another car right behind Uncle Din was able to stop before knocking him further. It was a Chinese guy and he helped Uncle Din to move to the side of the road. He also helped to push the broken motorcycle away from traffic. That idiot car waited for awhile and just drove away when he saw Uncle Din was ok… Idiot….

I got a call from Uncle Din while I was in the kitchen preparing for iftar when he alerts me about this casualty. Subhanallah…….. How would you feel when your husband called and said “I met with an accident.. Minor though.. But I can’t move by right foot..” Alhamdulillah he arrived home in one piece. We did some x-ray scanning and consulted an orthopedic at DEMC and Alhamdulillah his ankle is fine. No fracture no broken bones. Just a snap in this tendon ligament whatnot…. Took Biology but forgotten all the terms…..

Upon informing the Kelantan clan, Maa took the 1st train on Friday night and arrived at Sepang the next morning. Other siblings came too; Kak Ani from Kuantan and Pok Yeh from Muar. We fetched his motorcycle on Saturday morning with a friend’s help (I tak tau bawak motor oooo) and drove to Sepang afterwards…..

Best nyer bila Maa dtg….. inilah menu berbuka paling SEDAP sepanjang bulan puasa 2012. NASI KERABU HOMEMADE BEBEH!

Nasi kerabu di hatiku
My favourite: ayam percik kelantan
Popia Sira
Sup Daging

Layaaaan~ Memang masakan org Kelantan esp MIL terbaik...~

Uncle Din is at home right now… Has been on MC for 1 week now healing from being a casualty of traffic.. Alhamdulillah it was a small disaster only… Alhamdulillah my husband is still with me today…

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