Thursday, June 14, 2012

Her Swimming Pool

Her 1st attempt playing in a swimming pool : We have never expose her to swim in any pool even though some hotels we once stayed does offer the opportunity; ayah was not ready and felt to prolong the thought.

I bought this bathing suit from Baby Branded Outlet at Plaza Massalam Sec. 9 (or Shah Alam Mall as what Shah Alam folks normally refer to) during a clearance sale at only RM15.00 while the pool was one of her birthday gifts from my colleagues. I was very surprise that the pool's diameter was 60" x H10" ( easily around 152cm x height 25cm) is that big thus Piya has ample space if she wants to play with her cousin Lea.


 Dah besar dah anak mama nih......... Next time pregnant boleh berendam sama2 dlm pool mcm badak air....


  1. peminat disney jugak ya. swimming suit Aisyah pun Minnie mouse. nanti bolehla Aisyah pegi swimming dalam pool Piya

  2. yeaaaaa.....!!

    pool ni besar weyh... aku pon terpikir nak ajak diorg mandi sama2...