Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Party Part 2 @ Home

This is the reason why I hate being anticipated and making plans way too early.... More often than not, the plan would either be cancelled or I won't be making it at all... In this case, the plan was simplified due to time and frugal reasons.........

I have been planning for Piya's bday party since Nov 2011. Yes, 6 months ahead.. I know, psycho kan? I've garnered ideas on the menu, decoration, goody bags, savory and desserts. Care to see my initial plan?

To bake black forest cake
Numeric birthday cake
Ideas on desserts
Ideas on deco

Ayah called and inform that he intends to buy Piya’s birthday cake even though we agreed that we had to postpone Piya’s actuall birthday party.. (Mak Tok is so immersed in completing her PhD).. Synonymous to that, Tok Ayem has prepared a sports car jelly for Piya. The melancholic thing about the jelly sports car is that the mold is the same age with Pak Su = 26 years old.. Lama kan? It has number 1 displayed as the sports car lucky number. So the jelly sports car was prepared to mark Piya’s 1st birthday.
Subsequently, I made an impromptu; to have a very small birthday party at home… Plus, my colleagues gave Piya some birthday gifts so I thought it could be great for the party. Since this is small party or should I say dinner, we had Domino’s Pizza, Secret Recipe, sports car jelly & homemade Orange McFizz.

Subhanallah……. The hustle that I have to endure……  You see, I’m staying with my parents and we are maidless. In fact, I never had a maid in my entire life so I’ve been growing up doing a lot of things by myself. Upon fetching Piya from Cik D, I asked Mak Tok to bathe Piya and doll her up while I cleaned the dining hall. Penat siot……….. So here’s the birthday girl with her new birthday dress and presents from Mama’s friends…


After enduring the night, suddenly I realized that my ambition to have a birthday party for Piya has tapered and subsided. Penat weyh……

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