Wednesday, September 07, 2011

EL for Piya at 5.30am i received a message from my babysitter that she's terribly ill with gastric and opted for an colleagues have alerted me that among the risks of sending your child to an exclusive babysitter is you may face circumstances where she is OFF. At the end of the day, you have to take an Emergency Leave (EL); which is what exactly i did today.

Coincidentally mak tok has her lessons today and is down with fever. Oh well..i needed some rest after all.. i have been under sheer stress lately especially when my boss said he will dispatch me to China for 1 week in 2 weeks time. emmmmmmm..

i could see that Piya is soo happy to spend the day with me. she smiles a lot today and every 30 ~ 45 minutes she would wake up and her eyes were scouting for me..i pat her back to sleep and she continued sleeping soundly..she drank a lot and passed motion twice..entertaining her could be quite tiresome..besides standing, she can even hop while supporting her arms..

having said all that, nothing beats the feeling of spending time with your child 24/7..

Dah pandai pegang bende
Suka masukkan tgn dlm mulut sampai basah-basah
Dah boleh meniarap!

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  1. yeay.. piya dah bleh meniarap!!
    tp jgn jd mcm aniq tau, dulu jarang2 je meniarap skrang dah berat sgt, xleh angkat kepala plak