Saturday, September 03, 2011

3 months old c/up

On the eve of Hari Raya 2011, Piya was scheduled for her 3 months old check-up. And this was the result:-

Height: 62 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg

i am glad that she is progressing nicely and does not fall under the category of obesity. you see, apparently if your baby is gaining weight due to BM, there is nothing to worry about but if she is taking FM, then there is some concern as FM has sugar.

at 3 months old, i could see Piya has a lot of progress and changes!

  1. when she was only 2.5 months, she began to sit
  2. she can now stand on her feet with support under her armpit
  3. she can jump up and down while supporting her armpit
  4. die dh boleh meniarap tapi tangan tak lepas lagi
  5. bathing & dressing her are getting tougher as she wants to stand & jump
  6. she can now lift her bottom especially when putting on her diaper
  7. she is more responsive these days and often smile when teased
  8. she prefers to sit on the lap while watching everyone else
cepatnyer anak dara membesar yea..

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