Thursday, August 18, 2011

Piya Berjalan ke Melaka & Sepang

It has been 3 weeks in a row that we took Piya out during the weekends:-
1.       30th July 2011: drop by at Sepang
2.       6 ~ 7 Aug: stayed 2D 1N at Malacca
3.       13 ~ 14 Aug: stayed 2D 1N at Sepang
My SIL was scheduled for a surgery right before the fasting month. Apparently she was diagnosed with a tumor in her womb and it has to be removed. Due to this sickness plus other illness, she is still childless even though she has been happily married for 11 years. My PIL came down to Sepang all the way from Kota Bharu. So by hook or by crook, I brought Piya to meet her grandparents. We stayed there from afternoon until 8.30 pm.
The 2nd trip was to Malacca; baba’s hometown. Baba comes from Malacca and rarely returns home after his mother passed away in 1996. I on the other hand loves going to Malacca as I have 2 aunties & 1 uncle who are still single. They never got married and now they take care of each other. I won’t say they are poor but their lifestyles are mediocre.  Mak Lang is a pensioner from Kem Terendak Malacca, Cik Yah is a successful baker while Cik Lim is a laborer.  They don’t possess a car, any pc / laptops, no internet access and no handphones. Their sustenance has dried out as they always have food on the table.
As they don’t have a transport, they never visited me during my confinement to see the baby. But cik Yah would constantly ring me to say hello. As a matter of fact, she was one of the people that I called just few minutes after I delivered Piya. It took me a while to convince uncle din to go to Malacca. Eventually we did and I can say that Piya had a great time. She no longer sleeps as much as she use to and she would scream every time I lie her down. She wants to play! And for that reason, I would ask uncle din to do so. Piya bullied her ayah at Malacca and it was hilarious. He held her upwards facing front view and she would be very calm and quiet. When uncle din sat down just for a while, she would scream at the top of her lungs. Thus uncle din has to remain standing while holding Piya. I think they played outside for an hour. Later I bathe her and put down to sleep.
Buli ayah nak jalan jalan
Muka excited
that's me at the back nak tidokan die lepas die 'jalan-jalan'
Last weekend we had to go to Sepang again. My SIL’s surgery was postponed to 11th Aug 2011 so my PIL flew from Kota Bharu again. Initially I told uncle din that we would only go for a while which means that return home right after iftar. However this time, the entire Kelantan sibling came down to Sepang and gathered for the weekend. It would really make me look bad to return early so I’ve changed my mind and we spend the night there. We even extended our stay and return home on Sunday after iftar. The whole time we were in Sepang, Piya barely sleeps and all the aunties keep cuddling her. Again, uncle din was bullied by Piya. This time, she wanted to play outside for long hours. I just laughed about it.
penat lepas byk main
To conclude, Piya has grown so much that she constantly wants to play every time she is awake. When we took her either to Sepang or Malacca, she would sleep through the night out of exhaustion. Nothing is much more precious that watching my baby girl growing up in front of me. Alhamdulillah…  

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